Interventional Specialties

No patient, procedure or physician is the same, which is why BD offers a full range of clinically relevant product choices for interventional procedures. Our products and services for interventional procedures are designed to meet individual patient needs and help physicians deliver positive clinical outcomes using minimally invasive and percutaneous techniques.

As an innovator in interventional medicine technologies, BD offers unique products in a growing number of areas, including drainage, vertebral augmentation, biopsy and other diagnostic procedures.

Our portfolio is diverse, but our focus is singular: Helping improve your patients' lives.


BD offers a vast selection of state-of-the-art products for both bone marrow and soft tissue biopsy. Our proven brands offer a complete selection with advanced features to obtain top-quality samples quickly and efficiently.


BD offers a comprehensive portfolio of products to manage the symptoms associated with recurrent pleural effusions and ascites with minimally invasive techniques.

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