Inter™ Neo Ventilator

Dedicated neonatal ventilator for invasive and non-invasive applications.

The Inter™ Neo ventilator is specially designed for your smallest patients. Supporting, monitoring and ventilating your neonatal patients both invasively and non-invasively, the Inter Neo ventilator incorporates pressure support in continuous flow, inspiratory flow and graphic monitoring.

Proximal flow sensing

Two options of flow sensors, one for patients up to 3 kg and other for patients above 3 kg. Both are connected to the wye piece and have very small dead space. They are able to detect tidal volumes as low as 1 ml.

Easy to use

The Inter Neo ventilator has a very simple interface, with few buttons for direct settings. It also has a compact configuration that makes it well suited for NICU environment.

Comprehensive monitoring

Monitoring capability includes comprehensive patient mechanics, graphs (pressure, flow, volume), loops (pressure x volume and flow x volume) and trends up to 24 hours.

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